Tec Mac produces a wide range of high pressure machines for spraying, pouring and injection of bi-component materials such as polyurethane foam, polyurea, elastomers, adhesives, epoxy resin, phenolic resins and similar raw materials. The ratio between the components can be fixed or continuously adjustable, with hydraulic or pneumatic driving, according to the model. The machine can be fitted with different mixing heads, all self-cleaning, easy to use and light. The heating of the components is controlled till the head separately on each heating element and is effected by in line powerful heat exchangers and low voltage heated on the hoses. All the units are fitted with pressure safety switches stopping the machine in case of overpressure in line (the maximum pressure set-point can be adjusted by the operator). Moreover high pressure filters are mounted in line to stop possible impurities clogging the head. All the units are built following the most severe quality and safety international standards. The Isoltec machine can become a part of more sophisticated and complex plants for automatic dispensing. Thanks to its new design, the unit is extremely compact with very limited footprint. Among the main features we can mention:

– very robust equipment
– high reliability
– easy and fast maintenance

Tec Mac places his technical staff at customers’ disposal to study and develop special units.