MIX/VR is a machine designed for the mixing and the dispensing of small quantities of bi-component resins such as adhesives, rigid and flexible polyurethane foams, epoxy resins, silicones and similar raw materials. The dosing of the components is effected by volumetric transfer piston pumps specifically designed for these applications. The ratio between the components is variable in continuous from 100:100 to 100:30 (other ratios are available on request), so to be able to treat the different kinds of raw materials available on the market. The max output is adjustable between 2gr and 2Kg according to the model while each shot is set by changing the stroke of the powerful pneumatic cylinder. The unit is supplied with 25lt stainless steel tanks for the components (different are available on request), eventually equipped with heating system, stirrer and automated refilling. The dispensing is effected by pouring or injecting and the casting is extremely precise and with an unbeatable repeatability. The mixing is done by a disposable static mixer. Tec Mac puts his technical staff at customers’ disposal to develop and design special units tailored to client’s needs.