Automated CNC contour cutting machine by fast-running wire for shaping blocks with high accuracy thanks to the electronic system controlling the unit and the top quality of high precision mechanics. A dust exhauster is also provided. This is the ideal unit for cutting flexible foam with any density, viscoelastic -memory foam-, high resilience (HR), simil-latex, hyper-soft (HS), rebonded foam, rigid foam (PUR), PIR foam, phenolic foam, polystyrene, PE, rock wool/glass wool, Foamglas®, phenol foam, Basotect® and similar materials. Our CNC cutting unit is perfect for shaping technical items where high accuracy is requested so our customers can feed a wide variety of markets like bedding and furniture, upholsteries, packaging, medical, insulation, pipe sections, and automotive industries, gaskets, cable insulation or sound insulation components. With our unit foam converters are assured accuracy and speed while minimizing scrap and maximizing profit. From the 24” coloured main screen with touch-screen technology, in a very easy and user-friendly way the operator controls the whole machine and its operation(s), including live updates on cutting progress and machine status. Our software allows the user to create/modify profiles and contours directly at the control console: this provides users with greater capabilities at the machine, without additional importing. A second licence is released for the computer in the office not to keep the CNC machine busy in drawing. Possibility to import most of CAD files through dxf standard. Thanks to the running of the cutting device on the whole length of block, the unit has a very limited footprint. Possibility to provide the table with motorized belts and to add loading and unloading conveyor. The unit does not need foundations.