Patented dosing system:
it grants the highest precision in dosing each chemicals – much higher than the standard- and with an unbeatable repeatability

Patented washing system:
it allows cleaning the mixing chamber with water only at the end of production and not after each block, avoiding even the use of polytylene bags, as happens with competitors’ plant

Possibility to produce any commercial densitiesas
well as specialties –like visco elastic / memory foam, HR High resilient foam, HS Hyper Soft foam, HCMR, fire rated foam –Crib 5!-, foam with filler etc

High productivity:
120-150 blocks in one shift, according to the model

Dosing lines:
the plant can be equipped from 2 up-to 12 dosing lines for self-formulating, plus filler line plus colors lines

Modular design:
all our units are designed to implement even later additional dosing lines without any problem and in a very easy and fast way

Mixing chamber:
different size of mixing chamber are available according to the output and production to do –from 50kg to 250kg-

“high shear” mixing type to grant the best mixing efficiency and the minimum air entrapment. The propeller can run at different speeds and it is controlled by digital inverters allowing choosing the best and most appropriate mixing speed according to the foam to produce.

the whole plant is controlled by PLC with color touch screen panel with user-friendly and intuitive human interface for an easy managing of the plant

Block squaring system
to get a fully squared block, highly reducing scraps

Possibility to produce round blocks

Low power consumption

Low capital investment with short pay-back period
The highest production flexibility available on the market

Isolblock is the ideal unit to produce in a very efficient and competitive way different kind of foam. This plant does not require highly specialized operators, nor special foundations or other civil works. The plant is extremely easy to use and a very quick and low maintenance is needed.
This is consequently the ideal production unit for:

– small-medium size blocks production (up-to 15-20 ton/shift)
– laboratory plant where testing new formulations
– plant for the production of specialties