Isoltec: units for sandwich panels.
Series of equipment specifically designed for the sandwich panels producers.

Robust frame with easy access to all components for a quick maintenance.
Thanks to its compact design, the unit can be easily positioned aside the existing production line and can be easily implemented and connected to it.

Power electric motors move the high pressure gear pumps.

Dosing pumps.
Robust high pressure gear pumps, each provided with lubricating system to extend seal life and, consequently, to reduce maintenance downtime and costs.
Ratio is variable in continuous just changing the pumps’ speed: very easy and quick to do on the operator panel.

Ratio among components.
Flow meters, specifically designed for this application, are mounted for the constant and continuous ratio checking among the components. The electronic system of the unit grants the perfect ratio between components, using the close-loop technology.

Heat exchangers.
In-line powerful primary heaters to heat up the chemicals to the working temperature. Thanks to its special design, its efficiency is much higher allowing getting same results with lower power consumption.

In-line filters.
In order to avoid clogging of the machine due to impurities in the chemicals, the machine is equipped with in-line filters. They are positioned before the proportioning pumps, before the hoses and, on the isocyanate side, even at the head.

Heated hoses.
High pressure heated hoses with special high efficiency low-voltage heating system. Our new and innovative concept allows an homogeneous heating on the whole surface of the hose, so to fully and accurately heat the chemicals till the mixing head. Temperature control system is independent on each hose, allowing heating each chemicals at its correct working temperature

Control panel.
Easy-to-use and robust control panel complete with PLC and touch screen operator panel. This electronic system allows the constant monitoring of the unit, granting to dispense the mixture always at the correct working ratio and output.

Mixing head.
Very reliable patented mixing head allowing to mix and dispense two component adhesive, even with fillers. Thanks to its special and innovative design, our gun can work at lower pressure getting the same mixing results: this means a lower power consumption and less wearing of the parts, resulting in much cheaper running costs! The same mixing head can be used for spray or for pour by comb (poker). The head can be equipped even with static mixer!

Distribution system.
Different distribution systems can be used on our machine, according to what customer needs:

– Traverse unit for spraying
– Traverse unit poker dispensing
– Traverse unit with rotating disk

The main field of application for this range of machine are:

– Continuous sandwich panels line for production of rockwool, mineral wool, EPS –expanded polystyrene-, XPS, polyurethane panels
– Discontinuous sandwich panels line for production of rockwool, mineral wool, EPS –expanded polystyrene-, XPS, polyurethane panels
– Continuous sandwich panel line for PIR panels
– Discontinuous sandwich panel line for PIR panels
– Refrigerated truck production line