Low pressure machine for the production of items in rigid, flexible, integral, semi-rigid polyurethane, elastomers, epoxy resin and similar materials. The unit is provided with high precision gear pumps, especially designed to be used in this field. The mixing is made by a dynamic mixer and it is effected by high efficiency “high shear” stirrer with adjustable speed so to optimize the mixing and to fit it with the kind of raw materials to be processed. There are several mixing chambers and stirrers, available in different shapes and dimensions to optimize the different applications. The washing cycle can be automatic and it is effected by an air blow (for the rough cleaning), solvent or hot water jet (for the accurate cleaning) and air blow (to remove any trace of solvent that should interfere with the following pouring): this way the cleaning is the most efficient and cheap. Polytec can also become a part of more complex plants, such as the ones for the automatic pouring, or for totally automatized productions, carousels, etc. Tec Mac places at customers’ disposal his technical staff to study and develop special units.