Application: Polyurea & Coating

17- In mould coating by polyuria.

The innovative technique of the in-mould coating allows producing parts with an excellent wear proof surface in a very effective and cheap way compared to the traditional systems. This is done by spraying polyuria inside a mould so to produce the external skin and then to have the back-foaming. This is very effective especially on large parts and parts requiring a very resistant coating with better properties than done with traditional formulations –like integral skin for flexible foam etc-

16- Pipe coating by polyuria.

A very strong coating of pipes can be made by applying polyuria. This can be done inside, to strengthen the inner surface of the pipe to reduce the wearing when abrasive liquids flows. If the pipe is positioned outside and subject to wearing of environment (sunlight, moisture, salty atmosphere etc) a very effective protective coating is the sprayed polyuria. This layer highly protects the pipes against any deterioration and can be applied both on new pipe and on old ones –before pipe must be treated to get a surface suitable to apply polyuria-. The polyuria spraying can be done both in the workshop or in the field in case the pipe are already in place.


Signs must be light –so to be easily lifted, positioned and not to need heavy anchors and not requiring strong support- but strong –not to worn out during an ice storm or by the wind, by sunlight or by persons-. For the over mentioned reasons, a new technique foresees the coating of signs made in EPS –light- by polyuria –strengthening the surface of sign-.

14- Box caisson

It is very common to cast concrete in polystyrene mold in order to shape it. While demolding, most of the polystyrene moulds are worn out or even destroyed because of its weak surface. An innovative technique is the coating of EPS moulds with polyuria in order to make its surface stronger: this allows re-using the polystyrene moulds many time so to make this application cheaper and more convenient. Furthermore our customer can sell this mould for higher price.

13- Polyuria coating for tank protection

Polyuria coating of the internal part of tank to protect against rust and, mainly, against aggressive chemicals to store. Thanks to the excellent chemical resistance of polyuria, the coating allows a very long service of the tank, highly extending its life and highly reducing the cost for its replacement due to corrosion and wearing from highly acid or alkaline chemicals. Sometimes polyuria coating is also used outside if the tank is placed in aggressive environment.

12- Polystyrene coating by sprayed polyuria: furniture

A new and innovative way to produce piece of furniture, both for indoor and outdoor is the coating of polyuria over polystyrene shape parts. This way our customers can produce a very strong chairs or bookcase, or sofa or washbasin or any other upholstery or furniture: the limit is just your imagination, even very fashionable parts, in a very easy and cheap way.

11- Polystyrene coating by sprayed polyuria: decoration

Our spray machine was used by many customer for the production of EPS decorative parts reinforced by sprayed polyuria. This allows producing very light decorations with a strong external surface that can be easily installed without the need of heavy anchors or similar fixing means. The polyuria coating allows also the positioning of the decorative parts outside even under the sun and exposed to weather without any problem. This allows making building restorations in a cheap but effective way.

10- Polystyrene coating by sprayed polyuria: fun parks and children playground.

Many spray machines were sold to customers producing items for fun parks and playgrounds for children. The main body is done by light polystyrene blocks shaped which external surface is reinforced by a coating of polyuria. This technique allows making big sculptures or even buildings in a very fast and cheap way with very quick installation time.

9- Bed liner

Polyuria coating is sprayed as bed liner. This is very popular for the coating of pick-up and van so to protect the metal parts from wearing

8- Isoltec: sprayed polyuria for tank sealing

A special polyuria coating was sprayed over the oil mud sludge tank. During the drilling in the oil field, the mud removed must be stored for few months in protected tank before its disposing. In order to perfectly seal the tank, a layer of polyuria is sprayed all over the inside of its concrete frame to avoid any leakage of liquid that may contaminate the soil.

7- Isoltec 1708: Sprayed polyuria for dam waterproofing

One of the main problem in the dam is the cracks of the dam frame and the leakage inside the dam body that highly affects it if not promptly solved. Our machine was used to spray a layer of polyuria over the external surface of the dam just in contact with the artificial lake to make a continuous and uniform waterproofing layer so to perfectly seal it and avoid any possible water into the dam frame.

6- Isoltec: sprayed polyuria for flooring

Here many application of sprayed polyuria used for flooring. Polyuria is sprayed as a very strong coating covering the floor of industrial building and parking places subject to high passage of vehicles and, consequently to wearing. Polyuria is sprayed also on terraces for their waterproofing so to perfectly seal it and avoiding any leakage over the lower apartments.

5- Isoltec: polyuria coating for bridge protection

Isoltec spray machines were used in many different countries to protect bridges and viaducts are protected by sprayed polyuria. A layer of polyuria is sprayed to coat the surface of the concrete element of the bridge in order to protect against the icing of the water that may fill the concrete cracks, enlarging them and severely damaging the structural part. This way, the maintenance on the bridges was highly reduced on highways and railways systems.

4- Isoltec:  sprayed polyuria for canal waterproofing

Isoltec spray machine was used by many customers for the spraying of polyuria as waterproofing of canals bringing water for agricultural purposes. In some cases it was calculated that up-to 80% of the water is dispersed into the soil because of cracks in the canal bed. This makes a huge damage to agriculture and also to municipalities. The sealing of the canal bed was done by sprayed polyuria to make a uniform and continuous layer to stop leakage of water so not to disperse such important element.

3- Isoltec: polyuria coating as anti-corrosion

Isoltec spray machine was used to spray polyuria for the coating of part to protect against corrosion. Typical application is the spraying of polyuria over parts that may come in contact with some aggressive chemicals that can damage it. Here some picture of the coating of the fork lift box housing the batteries: this coating protect the metals in case of spill of acid liquid during batteries refilling. Another typical application is the coating of trailer used to transport animals: during the way, the animals may release sewage that is very aggressive on metal parts and damages the trailer. The polyuria coating tremendously extends the life of your trailer.

2- Isoltec : polyuria as anti-wearing coating

Here many examples of polyuria used as anti-wearing coating.

The spraying of polyuria was done to protect many different part from the wearing caused by different materials as:

– Polyuria protection of ramp used by forklift in a logistic plant

– Polyuria protection of industrial floor

– Polyuria protection of tiles in office and mall with heavy passage

– Polyuria protection of tipper body of van and truck against the wearing of sand

– Polyuria protection in the drainage and sewer so to seal any crack in the concrete body and protect against the wearing

1- Isoltec  1672-1712: polyuria coating in refinery

High pressure spray machine Isoltec used for the spraying of polyuria as a coating in the refinery. Due to new rules for protecting the soils against the spills or leakage from the big oil container, a layer of polyuria is applied on the second containment. Generally around the oil bulk tank a wall and pavement in concrete is made to avoid that in case of leakage from the tank, oil may contaminate the soil. Due to thermal shock and to earth movement, many cracks were created in the base of the concrete containment. In order to provide a real spill-proof containment, perfectly sealed to avoid any contamination of the soil, polyuria was sprayed in order to make a uniform and continuous layer. Thanks to its very good elongation and chemicals properties polyuria is an excellent material and the best choice for this application.